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So I really wanna be the fat girl in a bikini this summer.

But I’m running into a thing that makes me sad. Like, emoticon-worthy sad. :CCCC

I am a cheapskate on a budget. I can’t afford a fancy suit. So I’ve been looking at Old Navy! They’re not exactly high end, but their Ls and XLs tend to fit me really nicely, and it’s affordable! I even have some cute pieces picked out. I should be able to get them with my next paycheck. 

But all the reviews have suuuuuuch body-negative language, and it’s really bumming me out. “Three stars, cute print, but it made my thighs look huge!” “I’m a size XS, but this bottom gave me a muffin top! I look overweight! Gross and terrible!” “NOT for women who have had C-sections, it doesn’t hide anything!” It’s OK to not want your clothing to make your thighs look big, or for you to hide a scar at the beach. And if that’s something you’re looking for in a swimsuit, I think it’s cool for the reviews to let you know if it’s happening or not. But I’d rather they didn’t just tell me that my body will look bad in the clothing I’m looking to buy due to fatness or scarredness or chestiness or whatever else is supposed to be wrong with me. What if I don’t want to hide anything? 

Again: :CCC

  1. torii-r0se said: Have you tried Target? Their sizes are pretty good.
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    Girl, I totally agree. I love wear bikinis, but just because I’m no size 0, I don’t hear the end of it. It’s frustrating...
  3. whatonearthareyoutalkingabout said: try wal-mart!They have a cute fatkini for like 34 bucks i think.
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  5. classiclaugh said: That is a big bad bummer. I would also suggest Wal-Mart. I saw the CUTEST things in store a couple weeks ago! My retro suit was like $30 there a couple years ago. (and clearanced down to $10 eventually. lol)
  6. latkemonster said: You should find an awesome one and write a review about how great it makes your thick thighs and belly look.
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