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I THINK I fixed the pop-up problem. I wasn’t able to get it to show up on any browser myself, so it’s hard to tell. If the issue persists for anyone, please let me know, at which point I’ll contact Tumblr for more serious help?

What’s really insidious about these porn blogs is how many of them are weird, for-profit malware machines. Should have been more careful. I feel like I just rolled through filth.

hey i clicked on something on your blog and it opened a bunch of porn pop ups... just letting you know x x x

shit is this happening again?

thanks for telling me

I will look into it…last time I think we pretty much determined that the problem wasn’t on my end, but on the second report I think I have to rethink that.

tuesdai said: I have a ridiculous amount of buttons from my punk days. If you want I can take a picture of those I’d part with and you can have them

are you genuinely offering me unwanted buttons because there is no universe in which I would say no to that


I’m not sure how much credit I can give myself but that won’t stop me from throwing a victory feast

To-Thrift List

I’m trying this new thing where I actually look for stuff in the thrift store instead of just taking it as it comes. I mean, I’ll still do that. But this feels like a prolonged treasure hunt, and I love it.

-Comfy! Cowpoke boots

-Bad ass leather jacket that actually zippers over my chest

-With a heavy heart, I’m looking for a denim jacket so as to prolong the life of the most venerable one I’m wearing now

-A really satisfying floral 90s dress that makes me feel like I dropped off the set of My So Called Life

-Scarves! For my hair

-Something that can be made into a Really Good Skater skirt, probably in the 80s polyester nightmare variety. I need more of those.

-Overalls that actually fit me this time

-Big-but-not-too-big sweaters for fall


-Button earrings

The hope is that I’ll update this post as I find things, because I have been incredibly lax in documenting thrifting lately and that’s something I love to do! I don’t actually have um, time, though. So we’ll see!

creepy dudes whose entire blogs are dedicated to their “love”/”admiration” of “big beautiful women”: I really, truly, genuinely want you to unfollow me

alldolledupandnowheretogosaid: Addition-elle or American eagle?

alis-volat-popriis said: How did you go about choosing the sizing? I love their jeggings and want another pair but the store is a inconveniently far away

1. American Eagle! They had some “hi-rise jeggings” on clearance. I’m in love.

2. Uuuugh, I wish I had a good answer for you. I finally bought a pair of their jeans after literal years of people telling me they’d be good for me. I read reviews, looked at pictures of people wearing the damn things, asked my friends. I went to take a look at their pants in store because I happened to be walking by a store. I’m glad I did, because my plan was to buy an 18. When I saw their 14 (the largest size stores typically carry?), I knew 18 would have been way too big. I settled on 16 and don’t regret it for these pants, but being able to try to them on would be nice. I’m pretty sure some styles would be a better fit for me in a 14.

ugh I just got my AE jeggings in the mail and I want to CRY they fit so well

possibly I will cry

it’s been a really long time since I’ve had jeans that fit so this is slightly life changing