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I am graduating soon and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what i should wear under my dress. I am very curvy and love my body (with a huge thanks to you and your body positive blog), but am unsure on what sort of dress or what I should wear. Also, I was wondering if you would post a picture of what you looked like at your graduation maybe??? :D thanks so much for what you do here!

Oooh, are you graduating high school? Good for you!

My advice is to wear whatever you fucking want. Your school will probably try to heavily dictate what you’re allowed to wear. Fuck ‘em. But learn from my mistakes: Something breezy and light on the polyester will do you good. Graduations can be HOT, especially under those robes. A sundress to your taste will probably fit the bill nicely. And then you can wear the damn thing more than once!

My graduation look was sticky, mostly. I thought we were gonna be boiled alive in that building. And it was my blunt bangs era! Ahaha, that didn’t last long is such oppressive heat.

I remember being mad that no one took decent pictures of me. Here’s what I have.

My dog looks so unimpressed.

I doubt I’d buy that dress now, but I loved it at the time. It made me feel like a Greek restaurant.

I was born with an extremely awkward body (though I love it to death) I have wide hips and a slender waist, with a 36 DD bust. Considering you have an amazing sense of fashion and are busty yourself, I was wondering if you had any idea where to get good swimsuits that fit and actually support me? Thanks so much, I adore your blog!!

YOUR BODY ISN’T AWKWARD. I don’t give a damn what it looks like. Don’t be mean to yourself. Your body is really really cool.

I’m no expert her but will try to help. The Forever 21 suits accommodate my chest and do a decent, though not stellar, job supporting it. I’m really fond of the retro bikini everyone and their mom has (mine is bright pink!). Recently  I bought a suit super super discounted from swimsuits for all. Considering that is has no underwire, I think it’s amazingly supportive. The boning and mesh really come through for me. But if you’re short waisted like me I’m not sure I recommend it. I don’t hate my suit, but the fit is a little off.

One of my biggest issues with thrift shopping is I feel like it is impossible to find anything to fit me. I wear a size 16-18. My arms are large as well. Do you have any tips for a gal looking to be cute on a budget???

Girl, those are sizes I frequently wear! You can totally do it. Know your body. Look for clothes, not for sizes on clothes. Believe in the power of stretch. 

I actually wrote this who guide thing like more than a year ago. It needs updating and I should really get on that, but it’s definitely a start when it comes to plus size thrift shopping.

Hey porn/fetish blogs,


Stop fucking reblogging and commenting on pictures of girls in their fucking outfits. We don’t fucking like it, it’s not flattering or cute in any way shape or form. Nobody wants to see your gross dick and their picture in the same vicinity.

also, I hate you with a fiery passion. You are the literal worst.

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Lee ‘16 and Bridie ‘16Q: What advice would you give a group of people?"Never wait for an occasion" - Bridie "Don’t ask for permission just do it" - LeeQ: How would you describe yourself?"Persistent and stubborn" - Lee"Loud" - Bridie Photo: Reagan Brown ‘17

Look! We’re on the Humans of Mount Holyoke blog!


Lee ‘16 and Bridie ‘16

Q: What advice would you give a group of people?
"Never wait for an occasion" - Bridie 
"Don’t ask for permission just do it" - Lee

Q: How would you describe yourself?

"Persistent and stubborn" - Lee
"Loud" - Bridie 

Photo: Reagan Brown ‘17

Look! We’re on the Humans of Mount Holyoke blog!

So I’m very enthusiastically a member of Team Pictures of Chubby Chicks Eating Unhealthy Food but I’m also mildly afraid I’m gonna like end up on feeder porn blogs.

What I’m saying here is don’t.

I think I have that sweater from your last pic. :o


You are gorgeous and I love your tumblr! :D I'm just wondering where you got the cardigan you're wearing in your newest post? I have been looking for one just like that!!!

Thank you so much! My mom bought it for me from Dorothy Perkins a while ago. I don’t think they have it anymore, but I’ve seen many many many similar ones on their site. Keep an eye one!