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I totally understand and respect it if you don't want to answer this question but what size top and bottom did you buy? I saw your lovely bikini pictures and lately I've been considering buying one (my first two piece in the 22 years I've been alive). But I've been holding back because the models' bodies look nothing like mine and I want a realistic idea of what the swimsuit will look like. You looked totally adorable and seem like you might be close to my size, which is why I'm asking.

I bought the top in an 18 and the bottoms in a 16. I’m a DD/DDD and the website said that the 16 would only accommodate up to about a D cup I think??? I could probably even have bought a 20. The top sizes don’t seem to correlate to, like, dress sizes so much as how much boob room there is.

The 16 bottoms fit me fine, but I’m pretty short waisted and there’s a liiiiiittle too much rise in the waist. It sort of awkwardly bunches up around my actual waist but it doesn’t look bad enough to make me want to return it.

Publishing this because a couple people have asked! Let me know if you’d rather I deleted it.

I've always wanted to go to a women's college but they didn't have my program of study! I'm jealous :) Do you love it? Is it what you thought it would be?

I do love it!

I’m not really sure what I thought it would be. But I love what it is in ways I did not expect.

My girlfriend considers herself "overweight", meaning it makes her unattractive. I told her that such thing was not possible,she's about your size and so so beautiful. Do you have an advice on how I could prove to her size does not effect her beautiful beautiful body and her beauty in general?

I don’t think that’s something you can do.

Be there for her. Reinforce that she’s lovely exactly as she is. Remind her that there are as many ways to be beautiful as there are creatures on this earth. Remind her that beauty doesn’t correlate with her worth as a human being. Tell her she’s gorgeous. Tell her about all the other wonderful things she is. Support her. Point her towards resources such as the body positive community that deconstruct beauty norms and celebrate bodies of all kinds.

But ultimately I think it has to come from her. As her significant other you are not there to validate her and she’s entitled to her pain. I sincerely think it’s damaging to think of yourself as beautiful because and only because the person you’re dating thinks you are. Not that that can’t be an affirming experience—most people appreciate, I think, having the person they love being attracted to them. But we’ve gotta love our own selves for what we are, not for what we can give to other people.

You look INCREDIBLE in that bikini. It's so stylish and quirky and is a perfect fit. I hope your bikini days are happy ones and, as always, you looks truly effervescent :) love anon x


I am an overweight girl who has never bought a bikini in her 19 years of being alive... you've inspired me! the f21+ bikinis are damn cute and I will look damn cute in them! (though I don't think I could hold a candle to you in that department.) thank you so much for giving me someone to look up to. I'll send you a picture if you want once I get my bikini - because I know it'll be fab:) love, a fellow MoHo who has yet to get up the courage to talk to you even though I see you around all the time

Aaaaaah you’re so sweet and wonderful and you’re gonna look so good and I’m so honored and ah yes please send me a picture it’s gonna look so cuuute (I’m REALLY excited about fat girls loving themselves in swimsuits lately)

It’s weird to think of someone I share this campus with “looking up to me”??? So like look closely and you will become disillusioned. I fall over a lot.

So I don't follow you or anything but I saw a selfie of you and I just wanted to say that your skin is fucking flawless. That is all.

Oh my god my skin is covered in flaws. Flaws everywhere. But thank you, I’m glad the effort I’ve made to take better care of it has had an effect. <3

I have a friend who's a little bit chubbier and she's super self conscious about her weight and what she 'can and can't wear' and we were talking about bikinis and how she , by her words, isn't skinny enough. So I showed her your bikini pictures and it was so good for her to see someone so comfortable in themselves that she agreed to go bikini shopping. So even though you didn't personally help me thank you , because she's beautiful and deserves to be confident. :)

Thank you for encouraging your friend to see herself in a new light. She deserves that much. But I encourage you to let her go at her own pace. It’s not an easy process.

It’s truly touching to hear that what I’ve done here could have that kind of effect on someone else’s life. So truly, thank you.